Monday, February 8, 2010

stories by nicholas sparks.

it's bigger and it's better.

tonight taylor o. and veronica played that game at FHE.
their team won because they ultimately traded
a paper clip for a large love sac.

one time, tyler young told us a story about
how a man decided to play that game is whole life.

okay, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves.
in the game
"bigger and better,"
you start with a paper clip,
and then go around trading it for various items
that are bigger and better.
you win by ending up with the
biggest and best item.
simple, right?

so this guy that we were telling you about,
he played this game his whole life.
he won because he ended up with a house.
the story goes, that he traded a leading role
in a movie for this house of his.
can you believe that?
we certainly can't, no matter how hard we try to.

and anyway, a house isn't the biggest or the best
item you could end up with in our opinion.

but, hats on to the guy who came up with that lie.

"no boy will ever be an option again." --- taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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