Tuesday, February 2, 2010

someone should still eat this cookie.

first of all,
regarding the bachelor,
we're on team tenley.

second of all,
we hope y'all got to see the premiere
of the final season of LOST tonight.
let's just say we had the pals over for a real party.
and yes, cookies were involved.
as they always are.

taylor b. really likes LOST.
she really, really, really likes it.

and thanks to josh and ashley.
ashley because she cleaned taylor b.'s teeth yesterday. bada-bing.
and josh because tonight on LOST,
he translated the japanese before the other characters could.
so we knew that the man was saying a split-second before the rest of the world.
jealous? we are.

one more announcement.
we're planning our first annual purim feast.
so, if you want in, then get in.
it's going to be quite the event.

and finally, on friday we'll be seeing dear john,
just like any girl who loves love should be.
after all,
we love love. <3
but that doesn't surprise us,
because that is just the type of girls we are.
so, MUAH xoxoxo.
"heaven in a bowl." ---taylor o.

we <3 that --- taylor & taylor.


  1. I want in. And I'm seeing Dear John on Friday, too. That should be fun.