Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tonight, i'm going to twitch.

all is well at the dollhouse these days.
the long weekend was really enjoyable for us,
so we hope you enjoyed yours too.

taylor b. soaked up some rays down south this weekend,
so that was pretty neat.

by these pictures, you wouldn't be able to really
tell that she was there.
but trust us when we say, "she really was."
and she got her brother a cool nike las vegas t shirt
for valentine's day.

but, uh-oh. she hasn't given it to him yet,
so hopefully he won't read today's post.
but we're not that worried about it,
because worrying is for warts.

another great thing that happened to her in vegas
was the ".99 cent only" store.

they don't have these puppies in utah, no sir.
but you can bet that hours were spend going up and down
every isle, finding just the best bargains imaginable.
6 tomatoes for $.99?
you'd better believe it.
and lot's of other great stuff too.

why people go to vegas to spend money in casinos
instead of this magical place, is a real mystery.
but then again, life is full of mysteries of sorts.
if you were to ask someone,
"hey, is life full of mysteries?"
they'd answer, "yes."

anyway, the weather was nice in st. george/las vegas.
mid-60s to 70s and sunshine all-day, everyday.
plus, taylor o. got to see a great young ambassador's
performance, and spend some quality
time with the fam here in salt lake.

tomorrow, #301 is footin' four tests.
economics (hahahahaha), song writing, human bio & one other.
we'll let you know about that last one when we remember
what class it is for.
time to get back to the real world.

"an odd trait of the jackalope is its ability to imitate the human voice."
--- another postcard.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

p.s. congrats to benjamin coburn.
call: paris, france.

departure: june, 2010.

[and to sean, his roommate, who also leaves for paris, france,
(a.k.a the provo mtc) on the exact same day this june!]

in their honor,
here is a fake eiffel tower:

french is the language of love.
ooh lah lah.
that's why taylor o. gets so many dates.

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