Friday, January 20, 2012

what's your flavor?

in typical taylor fashion, 
we've been out of food since we arrived 
here in provo almost 3 weeks ago.
how and what have we been eating?
that's a good question,
to which we have an answer.
like everyone else.
one bite at a time.
sometimes a swallow.
that's where it gets a little bit tricky.
water, milk, chocolate, tuna w/BBQ sauce,
cookies, frozen waffles, stove-top hot chocolate,
frozen (fake) meat balls (that become unfrozen
once we warm them up in the microwave),
and rumbis leftovers.
all that sounds pretty gross, right?
well tonight we sunk down, down, down
and managed to pick up some 7 layer burritos
from taco bell. at almost 10pm.
so unlike us.
but really, just exactly like us.
because that's what we do now. i guess.

don't be mad, though.
we're just on campus for 12 hours a day,
working on important things like homework
and music projects of various varieties.
and sometimes just plain working.
life is tough.
good thing our stomachs are tougher.

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