Monday, January 9, 2012

now i know this is for real.

it's a new year,
but nothing new is going on.
except for a couple things.

he is coming home. in 34 days.
february 13th, exactly 25 months after he left,
give or take.

we've started classes, been to mexican restaurants,
watched basketball games, celebrated taylor b.'s 21st,
attended church, and now, we've blogged about it.
we have some nw yrs rezes, and one of them
is take more pictures and blog more stories.
and also we're going to be nice to others,
accept first dates,
eat more desserts, and less desserts,
celebrate more holidays,
and have more adventures.

so, here's to nothing.
and here goes nothing.


  1. holy COW i'm stoked for this boy to come home. true story.

  2. i'll be there for the more dessert part.