Sunday, January 29, 2012

parking places are hard.

we spoke in church today,
and were accidentally late.
but not for our talks,
just for the meetings before our talks.
why were we late?
because we drove around for a half
hour looking for a parking spot.
a half hour is about how long it takes
to check every single parking lot on the BYU 
campus, in case you were wondering.
we finally found one. 
too bad it was probably a longer walk
than just walking from our apartment.
that's okay though.
we had some jerusalem buddies 
over for cookies and dough,
because they came and watched us speak.
that's what you get.

last night, taylor b. went to a jazz game
with a random stranger she met at work.
and also, did she mention she sat on row 2?
nope. well, she did.
as in, the jazz players sat on row 1, 
and she and the stranger (kim tanner from jackson, WY)
sat on row 2. 
i think it's safe to say that was a good decision.

tonight we had game night at the dollhouse.

here's proof:

here's more proof.
this one's in black and white to represent
the artists within us:

that's all.

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