Thursday, March 18, 2010

a musical redition of the book of matthew.

it's time.

here are some of the latest joys in our lives,
as cleverly portrayed by our very own photographs.


we defaced bella.
apologies to all you "team bella" fans out there.
we just couldn't take it anymore,
and seeing as we felt something had to be done,
we done it.


we have some new tenets here at the dollhouse.
baby bear (top), and mr. goose (bottom).
yes, we know the names are creative,
but we can't take credit for coming up with them, sorry.
anywho, we rented our new friends from the local museum,
they make a nice addition to our home-sweet-home.


taylor b. and her brother switched shoes for the day.
ask them how well that turned out?
it didn't,
but it was worth a cent or two.

and lastly,

we brought our very own favorite treat home with us.
through some pretty sneaky tactics,
we were able to acquire the recipe,
and then follow it.
let's just say that pan didn't make it through the night.
taylor o. is a mean chef these days.
(but not literally "mean," just really good at cooking).

so, pretty stinkin' neat, huh?
anyway, the last couple days have been long, to say the least.
let us break it down for you:
between the three of us we've had:
10 tests,
6 essays,
and countless hours of studying.
and when we say countless,
we mean it in every sense of the word.
it's all good though.
once we get through today, we'll be flyin' high.
taylor b. will be enjoying her favorite game (baseball) in her favorite place (st. george),
veronica will be soakin' up some rays in sunny california,
and taylor o. will be sweet-home-on-the-range in here provo.
but hey, there is nothing wrong with that.

not to mention the countdown 'til finals has begun.

and happy march madness.

"what are we going to do about that?" ---taylor b.
"ha. ask her." ---taylor o.
"do you want to stay here tonight, or go home?" ---taylor b.
"i don't think i'm going to make it home." ---karissa urry.
"ha. k." ---taylor b.
"tay? i probably shouldn't tell you this,
but i sleep on peoples' couches all the time," ---k.u.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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