Thursday, August 27, 2009

you get out of it what you put into it.

our first day here was better than we ever expected. here is a breakdown:


8:15) 31 min morning run. we decided to count how many other runners there were. nine. five of which we are sure were freshies.
10:26) we left our apartment with only four minutes to get to new student orientation. turns out we had nothing to worry about. hordes of freshies were still arriving. just another reminder that being punctual never matters when you're dealing with mormon standard time.
10:30) they treat us so well here. we got to choose the color of our wristband and the number that we wrote on it. color green, number nine.
10:30:21) christian jacob frandsen.
10:40) met up with jack who also happened to choose green nine. coincidence? i think not. divine inspiration? i think yes.
10:43) jack is accosted by some freshmen girls he met in a previous line. we love freshmen.
11:30) opening devotional. we learned that we each bring something special and unique to this university. we also learned to be a friend. now we have 5,000 close friends.


5:17) purchased our books. thirteen and five. who do you think had more books? you'd think taylor o. right? but you're wrong.
6:30) enjoyed our first on-campus $5 footlong.
8:18) discovered a puddle of water under our kitchen sink, so we missed the live jericho road concert. but we had our own itunes version.
11:37) we've been blogging and facebook chatting for hours. now we're enjoying some company from allyson rachel morgan and lisa clair dickson. they're on our red couches as we speak.

what a day.

"All of BYU is serious, but also a great deal of it is fun." --- President Cecil O. Samuelson

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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