Tuesday, October 30, 2012

fitt romney.

listen, we've never been much for halloween.
we don't get the whole spend-money-time-and-energy
on clothing (or not) that you're never going to wear again.
sure, maybe if we were really crafty & creative like our friend kelly:

but we're not.
so, we took a step back.
what are we good at?
being ourselves.
another thing we're good at?
finding pants that are size 54.

of course, if we were being our(self)
we had to play the part.
so, while our friends were being the
young (paul ryan),
the rich (mitt romney),
& the famous (the kardashians),

we weren't.

i'm no beauty queen,
i'm just beautiful me. 

also, there was some confusion
as to whether we should be considered
a single or group costume for the costume contest.
but we like to like people guessing.

happy halloween.

--taylor (haha). 

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