Wednesday, May 23, 2012

all your heroes are in black and white.

dear taylor olson,
you're in paris.
and i'm in provo.
you don't have your computer there
(i'm typing on it right now),
so it's hard to say if you'll reply to this,
but i have a couple things to tell you. blog style.

i'm on my second of a series of "two-week challenges."
you know the first was my two-weeks-without-music.
it was killer. also nice.
i celebrated its end with this:

and what a sweet celebration it has been.
john does it again. see for yourself:

the next challenge in the series is no eating out. for two weeks.
it started yesterday and also,
i've almost lost 10 times.
i hate games that i almost lose 10 times or more.
after last semester, i don't know how to
cook food in provo.
remember how we ate out for every meal?
yeah. old habits die hard.
or live long. either.

clint has semi-finals tomorrow.
undefeated in playoffs so far,
and i care more about this than
any other game of all time.
graduated 3 years ago,
and still livin' the dream.
old habits die hard.
or live long.

maybe i'll go to paris in a couple weeks?
tell vee i might be seeing her soon.
and i'll see you soon, baby.

taylor berhow.

ps: thank you for leaving a carton of eggs.
i'll cook those for breakfast lunch and dinner. 

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