Friday, August 6, 2010

the 50th anniversary of greatness.

if you haven't noticed already,
we really like "the hunger games" series.
we like it a lot.
we've read it,
played it,
and this past week we took our love to a whole new level.

welcome to panem.

this city was built with the bare hands of dedicated creators,
and with a little help from friends.

all the districts were carefully thought out,
and planned accordingly.

take district 4, for example:

the arena was also designed with care,
cornucopia and all:

thank you bear lake:

thank you suzanne collins:

summer is the best.
unfortunately, taylor o. couldn't be a part of this one.
she was def there in spirit, though.

speaking of spirits,
the 10th anniversary of Spirited Away is coming up.
it's perfect, really. our two favorite things:
anniversaries and Spirited Away.

that's all folks.

"ahhh. her voice!" --- taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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  1. i love... this post, the hunger games, bear lake, suzanne collins, the pictures in this post, the first song on the playlist and b.o.b..